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Our Mission is to tackle marine pollution through regular beach cleans and projects which focus on reducing single use plastic in Portishead.


We organise one beach cleans per month, on either a Saturday or Sunday. At the end of our events we try to recycle as much of the litter as we can.  We take recyclable items to the  recycling centre to achieve this.


Through Children and Young Adult education in our primary and secondary schools we hope to promote our beach cleans and projects to the next generation.

Through Adult groups we hope to spread the awareness of our activities and attract more volunteers.


We are a group of passionate volunteers who have joined forces to work towards reducing the plastic pollution of Portishead's beaches and public spaces.  We are dedicated to cleaning up our environment and reducing single use plastics in our community via educating children, young adults and adults groups.

We have a committee which meets each month to organise the Beach Cleans and progress the current projects for the coming months and year. We are a purely voluntary non-profit organisation that is funded by donations from individuals, groups and businesses.

Our first project in 2018 was the launch of a '2min beach clean' board, as seen on Springwatch and across many UK beaches, this is located outside Portishead's Lido Cafe.  This has marked Portishead on the UK Beach Clean map and encouraged beach lovers to roll up their sleeves with us to help rid the World's beaches of marine litter, two minutes at a time! 


We also launched Refill Portishead and Final Straw Portishead, the Plastic Free Communities initiative and various Terracycle schemes.  You can read more about these on Projects Page.

In 2019 our education projects will grow -  our aim is to inform and educate children and young adults of the plastic pollution problem and help them get actively involved.  We are also presenting to Adult groups in the area to encourage more action on plastic pollution.


We are very lucky to have some volunteers who have stepped forward to keep an eye on each of the seven Portishead beaches and report back to us on litter levels.  These same people have been undertaking their own litter picks in conjunction with ours, this enables us to clear most of the beaches of litter at least once a month.


We are a group of volunteers dedicated to reducing the plastic pollution of Portishead’s beautiful beaches through regular beach cleans and educational projects to reduce single use plastic. 

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