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PLEASE use your reusable cup with Contactless Coffee

With the current Lockdown and the restricted nature of what we can all do, we are in our masses taking advantage of meeting one person for exercise. Often this exercise is a lovely walk around our town with a hot cup of coffee, especially in this cold, sunny & snowy weather! Did you know that you CAN still use your REUSABLE CUP - in a COVID19 safe manner. Contactless Coffee is the new buzzword and hashtag# of 2021!. Please see our poster for how it works. It really is as simple as it looks. We know from monitoring and taking pictures around the area that the amount of single use cups from all the coffee shops has increased. We know this by the issues we are having with overflowing bins and also the litter accumulating at the Marina and the Esplanade and in our High Street, particularly. Please if you have a reusable cup use it - Be part of the SOLUTION not the POLLUTION. Thank you from Turn the Tide, Portishead.

GO ON do your bit today.

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