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September Big Clean

The Next Big Clean event is the 25th / 26th September! Please come and join us!

We aim to collect as much litter from our town, parks, beaches and open spaces! we do this by asking you all to go out at some point over the weekend and litter pick! You can do this alone, with friends, with family, with the whole street or any way you wish!

The concept is so simple, take some gloves, bags and litter pickers - Pick as much rubbish up as you can in the time you have available! then let us know how you got on..

How much did you pick?

How many of you were there?

Where did you pick?

Did you find anything unusual?

Did you see anyone else out litter picking as part of this event

Did you take part in our litter games?

How young was your youngest group member?

Who was the oldest in your group and how many years did the oldest have!

Please use social media to tell us what you are up to / have been up to! You can find us in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Thanks in advance!

Turn The Tide

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