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These are some of the Projects that Turn The Tide Portishead are involved in.

The '2 minute beach clean' movement began in 2014 as a way of making it easier for everyone to do their bit. The 'Beach Clean Board' is an A Frame Board with an outer holder for litter pickers and an integrated holder for bags.  Anyone can take a litter picker and a bag, fill it up, for 2 minutes or more and dispose of the litter in a nearby bin or at a recycling centre.  Bag and pickers are returned to the Board for the next person. Simple but so effective.

The Beach Clean station in Portishead is outside the Lido Cafe, with the Lido team as Guardians of the Board. As guardians of the Board the Lido Cafe team have kindly volunteered to put the Board out and take it in each Day. Please note the Board will not be put out if the weather is not suitable, such as strong winds or snow

Visit the #2minutebeachclean website for more details

Portishead Two Minute Beach Clean Board
Refill Portishead

Refill is a free tap water scheme which enables people to fill up reusable bottles for free when they are out and about, there is a free Refill App available to download.  Anyone can take a refillable bottle into any of the Businesses listed on the App or here -  The Ship Inn, The Royal Inn, Heaven on the Hill, Playzone of Portishead, Cafe' Cairns (The Academy of Gymnastics), The Posset Cup, Parish Wharf, Portishead Youth Centre, The Corner Cafe, Hall & Woodhouse, Impero Lounge, The Windmill Inn, The Poacher, The Plough Inn, The Old Mill, The Albion, The Royal Inn, Brewers Fayre, Venga, Windsor Castle, Costa Coffee, Premier Inn Hotel, Starbucks (Gordano Gate Services), Brewsters.


If you use the Refill App you can collect reward points which can be redeemed to get a free stainless steel water bottle.  If you don't want to drink tap water you can buy bottles that automatically filter before you drink. 

Visit the Refill website for more details

Final Straw Portishead is a Campaign (following the success of Final Straw Cornwall) to rid Portishead of single use plastic straws and raise awareness of the damage single use plastics cause to the environment.

Straws are used for an average of just 20 minutes and then thrown away.  Every straw on the planet right now will outlive everyone reading these words. Madness! The Final Straw Campaign seeks to influence businesses to replace plastic straws with paper ones.  To encourage 'drinkers' to say 'No' to straws if they don't want them, or to carry their own reusable straw with them (made from bamboo or stainless steel).

We are grateful to the following local businesses who have signed up to The Final Straw Portishead -  Lido Cafe', Impero Lounge, Hall & Woodhouse, the Ship Inn, The Posset Cup, The Windmill Inn, The Poacher, The Plough Inn, The Old Mill, The Albion, The Royal Inn, Brewers Fayre, Heaven on the Hill Cafe', Venga, Brewsters and  Bottelino's.  We are working to make all Portishead Businesses sign up to this important campaign.

Final Straw Campaign Update

TTT has been in touch with Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds OBE, BSc (Hons) regarding our Final Straw Campaign, which has resulted in us amending our campaign to advise businesses who are signing up to go plastic straw free, to keep single use plastic straws for any customers who may request them.  We appreciate that some members of our community have a genuine need for single use plastic straws and that therefore an outright ban would be problematic. 

We hope that some inspiring individual or business out there will invent a non-plastic alternative soon which can be used safely in hot liquids.  In the meantime, if you live in Portishead and have been affected by the roll out of the Final Straw Portishead campaign, please get in touch via our contact page.

You can also visit the FinalStrawCornwall Website for more


Final Straw Portishead
Educational Projects

Members of the Turn The Tide Committee have a range of projects underway to highlight the effects of litter and single use plastics in the local area. If you run a local group and would like us to come along and give a talk, formal presentation or join a litter pick please get in touch.


Previously we worked with year 2 pupils at Crockerne Church of England Primary School to conduct a beach clean at Woodhill Bay Beach, Battery Point. After the clean, the pupils sold fridge magnets and other items which they had made from recycled materials as part of a school project. They kindly donated the profits to Turn The Tide.

2019 has seen us delivering presentations to Portishead primary school children at St Peter's, St Joseph's and HighDown with Trinity School to come this June. The children enjoy learning about beach cleans, single use plastic, easy swaps to environmentally friendly products and the importance of 'refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle'.


We have also met with students and teachers at Gordano School and are looking forward to delivering informative assemblies, providing our presentation for students to deliver the material themselves and working alongside 'Green Gordano' in their effort to reduce litter, plastic pollution and to implement innovative recycling schemes at the school.

Turn The Tide continues to offer short talks and litter picks with various Cub and Brownie Packs across Portishead. 2019 sees the launch of our adult education presentation and the forging of a strong alliance with Waitrose who now house bins for collecting crisp packets. 


We are a group of volunteers dedicated to reducing the plastic pollution of Portishead’s beautiful beaches through regular beach cleans and educational projects to reduce single use plastic. 

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