Turn the Tide Portishead 

Did you know there is so much more you can recycle in Portishead?
USE our interactive map of Portishead to see what you can recycle where, just click on the map --- -->
Or take a look at the same information in table form below.
Did you know you can recycle the following in your own recycle bins!

You can recycle so much more than you may think in your recycle bins at home, such as :-

Christmas Lights

Small Electrical Items

Paper Based wrapping (no foil or glitter wrap sorry) - this goes in the Cardboard recycling Box


Glasses and Sunglasses

Small bits of foil - if you scrunch them up and make a fist size ball (such as yogurt tops, foil chocolate wrappers etc).

Refcycling Box.jpg
Other recycling Projects
Car Park Somerset Hall.JPG

More to follow.... watch this space